How to Be a Pilot If You Have Limited Budget?

If the views of the public interest to be a pilot, actually it is not little. Pilot profession considered prestigious. Become a pride if it could be the conqueror “iron bird”. In fact, interest in the profession is not only experienced by those who are qualified in finance, but also those who have a limited budget. Is it possible? Is not it to be a pilot should the pilot school that is not secret anymore if the cost is exorbitant? Exactly when education and flight training at the pilot school so basic and primary requirement for becoming a pilot. However, those who have a limited budget still has a chance to become controllers “iron bird”.

How to? When relying on domestic pilot schools in Indonesia it was not possible anymore for now. Therefore, the subsidy given to domestic pilot schools have been revoked by the government. You could say it costs more or less the same with private pilot school. In addition, selection for the cadet fairly tight. In fact, there is also reportedly one of the pilot schools were closed while the flight department. So, what should be a private pilot school to Indonesia or abroad? You can say that. For the cost, the following solution:

Choose a pilot school in the country in which to pursue a career

Before signing up to a pilot school, first think about which country is selected to career, remained in Indonesia, Australia, or any other country? The goal was to determine where the pilot schools that will be addressed. If you want to pursue a career in Indonesia, you should select a pilot school in Indonesia alone. Similarly, if you choose a career in Australia, should choose Australia. Note that when obtaining a flight license from the Australian pilot school but chose Malaysia to build a career, endorsement should be taken to equalization license. This endorsement also have to pay. Reportedly, when graduates of the standard pilot schools CASA (Australia) want career to countries with aviation standards EASA (Malaysia), its endorsement would be expensive even almost menyetarai pilot school fees.

Search for pilot schools that offer installment

There are some schools that are trying to help cadet pilots by offering installment payment system. For those who have a limited budget, looking for such a school. For each school generally there are different rules 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and so on. Usually this installment generally be paid and settled before graduation instead of when it has worked. To know more details about where the pilot schools that offer the highest installment can consult or ask the school counselor pilot that is rapidly evolving along with the increasing interest of the general public to be a pilot. Cost of education in pilot schools is indeed not small, but when it has become airline pilot feels quite comparable given the airline pilot salary lucrative.

Both of the above solutions is actually still incurs budget. Therefore, it is important to do financial planning as early as possible so that after graduating from high school or equivalent, the dream of going to school and become a pilot after pilot can be realized. Financial planning like? First, the income allocated to education post. In this case, add the cost of education in pilot schools with inflation each year. Secondly, press as much as possible monthly expenses and pay off obligations urgent (if not paid would be increased interest). Good luck 😀


Prepare and Consider These before Joining Flight School

Being a pilot must have the knowledge gained from the pilot school because when entering the pilot school students will not only be taught through theory but also in practice. Well, to go its own pilot school is not easy because there are many tests that must be passed beforehand both a medical and academic tests. Tests were carried out in pilot schools is quite tight, considering it to be a pilot later you will have the great responsibility of your job. Although the tests were conducted fairly complicated, but there are still many people who wish to enter the pilot school. Are you also interested in school pilot? If you’re interested in pilot schools, it helps prepare and consider this before enrolling in school pilot.


Language became one of the capital that you must have when registering to become a pilot. Why? Because when entering one of the pilot schools academic tests you have to pass a test of English. English in the world of pilots is very important both for the one who has become a pilot or pilots who want to go to school. In its own pilot school English is very important to master because the guide book you will learn to use English. Not a few pilot schools also provide instructors from outside so that the language used auto English. Therefore, for those who want to register a pilot school is good to prepare your English in advance by following the course and looking for materials related to English.


The second is to be prepared before you sign is a pilot school health. Health and English into two important things to be prepared. To be able to go to school pilot you have to pass health tests first. There are many medical tests that you must follow, such as testing the eyes, ears, teeth, blood, urine, and other medical tests. In addition, you will follow a physical test. To be able to go to school pilot you must have a height of 160 for men and 155 for women. If you have health problems such as cavities and less height, then start from now to many sports (volleyball and basketball) and also the first dental fillings.


To be able to go to school pilot, of course, you have to dare to pay dearly. Sign pilot school you should set aside approximately 450-500 million. Therefore, before deciding to sign up for pilot school, then you should consider first problem that a considerable cost. Dear if you can not go to school but the cost is not possible. However, if you want to stay in school pilot but is limited by the funds, then you can find a solution. The solution that you can take by taking a pilot school or program subsidized scholarships.

School facilities

This one is no less important for you to consider before deciding to enroll in pilot schools. You must know your choice of school facilities, because of the facility into one of the supporters. If your school does not have adequate facilities, then this could hamper you to be able to graduate on time. Choose a school that provides adequate facilities one training aircraft and airports. It’s good to choose a school that has its own workout airport and have an adequate number of aircraft.

Sign pilot school is the first step to realize the ideals of becoming a pilot. Therefore, you should consider and prepare from now.

Want to Get Job at Airlines in India Fast?

Working at airlines as second officer, co-pilot, and captain is dreamed by many people. Why? They can earn much money every month so all their needs can be fulfilled optimally. The problem is getting job at airlines is not easy. Apart from airline parties just need new staffs in certain period, candidates have to compete with others. Of course, it is not easy because there are many people having the same dream. Anyway, do you want to get job at airlines in India fast but you don’t know what to do? If you answer yes, you should do these:

Join a legal and experienced pilot school

At this moment, there are tens of pilot schools in India. Unfortunately, not all of them are experienced and legal. This means that you may not choose pilot training as you like. You have to know their track record, reputation, facility, permission, and tuition fee before joining. You are suggested to read related reviews about flight schools from various sources so you know the right one. Here, you are highly recommended to visit that offers a lot of information about aviation school or training program in India.

Besides, you can find information about CASA, pilot license, living cost, tuition fee, and so on. All information is free and even you are able to contact them to get more information about aviation world and flight training in India.

Have good flying knowledge and skill

Of course, to join airlines, you need to have good flying knowledge and skill. For this, when joining flight school, never skip class or training program so you know what you should and should not do when flying aircraft. What if you feel that you don’t have good enough flying knowledge and skill? You should read related books and learn fly aircraft via video game or simulator so your knowledge and skill continue increasing day by day. If possible, you can join forums which discuss about aviation world or ask for suggestions and tips from pilots directly. Make sure that you take a note about important things so you don’t forget.

Follow all tests well

After sending job application to airline and getting call to follow tests, do it as well as possible. This means that you never skip any tests at all so your opportunity to get job remains opening widely. Remember to learn before taking tests and ask your parents to pray for your success. Keep in mind not to do any cheats unless you want to deal with authorities sooner or later. The worst part is you can go to jail if airline staffs bring case to the court.

Anyway, when being interviewed, you have to be relaxed and answer all questions clearly and maximally. What if you still fail at last? Never give up because there is much opportunity to get job at airlines as long as you never give up. Furthermore, you should apply for job at small airlines first. After working and get 3,000 or 5,000 flight hours, you can move to big airlines.

Why Do Cadets Fail to Graduate On Time?

Pilot school is a school that has a shorter duration than the other college school. Pilot schools can realize the desire to get a quick education. The duration offered by the pilot schools vary. There are pilot schools that provide opportunities for students to complete the education of approximately one year. However, not all schools can realize your desire to complete his education chill quickly. This is due to complete his education must be backed up with supporting facilities and weather. Given the pilot school is a school associated with the flight, of course, not only theory but also takes practice. With the lack of facilities that support could be a cause fail to graduate on time. To find out what are the constraints of the student pilot failed to graduate on time, the following will be explained.

Another service the airline exercises

Airports in the world of aviation as a pilot school would be important to consider. This is because the airport into one to make the training process goes smoothly. If the airport is owned by the school belonging to another airline pilots stated that means not one’s own, that is the constraint student who was only 1 year to 1.5 years. This happens because of the airline will be concerned with the commercial needs than the needs of the exercise. If this happens, of course, exercise will be conducted can be inhibited and make exercise not the maximum that will make the students fail to graduate on time. Therefore, select the pilot schools that already have their own aviation airport.

Training aircraft do not support

If you want to graduate from pilot school on time, then you should select a pilot school. Selecting pilot schools provide benefits for your own future. Choose a school that provides training aircraft in accordance with the number of students. Ideally for 1 aircraft in use for 5 students. However, if the school does not provide aircraft with a predetermined amount by the number of students, the student can make a slow finish. For example, students in the schools amounted to 100 aircraft while training there are only 2 or 3, then it could make other students get their turn to fly. By doing so, it is the primary obstacle pilot school students do not graduate on time.

Bad weather

As a pilot, of course, have to train the student pilot to fly a plane because a student who dreams of becoming a pilot. Being a pilot is itself a work that brings aircraft. to be able to fly the plane properly, should be able to practice while in school pilot. The weather becomes a constraint students can not practice fly a plane which is in essence a very important practice. If the weather is bad, then the student can not fly a plane, a student pilot was not sufficiently imbued with theory. With bad weather can interfere with the exercise training might be delayed. If the exercise is delayed, then the student can not be completed on time.

Instructor inadequate

Instructor is also a constraint students can not pass quickly. Why? Because if the instructor chosen unprofessional and often does not make science course that can not be maximized and will also not be good because they can not train to fly. Therefore, select a school that provides adequate instructions so that you can graduate on time. For a good instructor is 2 instructors to 5 students.

Those are some obstacles that can cause the pilot to go to school do not graduate on time. If this does not want to happen to you, then you must find out the background of the pilot schools.

Interesting Facts when Pilot Is Flying Plane

Pilot arguably becomes one of the prestigious professions in Indonesia. If asked why, no other remuneration received each month will be quite tempting range IDR 15 million to 70 million, depending on the position, flight hours and place of work or airline. No wonder so many people crave, desire to become a controller “iron bird”. Unfortunately, being a pilot is not easy, it takes extensive training and flight training is costly. In general, the average pilot schools offering education & training cost flights between tens of millions (domestic pilot schools) up to hundreds million (foreign pilot school). More than just getting the basic knowledge to fly a plane technique, but in the pilot schools can obtain a license in order to fly a plane. The license is often called PPL, CPL, IR, MER, etc. By the way, do you know interesting facts when the pilot took off? Let’s browse deeper!

When flying, pilot sunglasses

Accessories are always side by side with the pilot is sunglasses. When airborne, the pilot will generally use sunglasses. Not to support the appearance, but for the purposes of safety and health. When aircraft are tens of thousands of feet above sea level, means getting closer to the sun. That is, the pilot will feel dazzled by the sunlight that can obstruct the view so that could trigger a crash. By using sunglasses, sunlight cannot penetrate the eye. In addition, direct sunlight on the eyes have short-term effects can create eye pain, irritation, and red, while the long-term effects can lead to cataracts to cancer.

Cumulonimbus clouds, is feared by pilots

Do you know who the enemy pilots when airborne? Yup, cumulonimbus clouds. Cumulonimbus clouds are formed due to the instability of the atmosphere have the following criteria formed vertically to the top of the flat, dense, and typically is above 6,500 feet. Why is this so frightening cloud for by the pilot? Not because these clouds can cause high winds that made the plane experiencing turbulence, creating extremely cold temperatures that make aircraft engines died suddenly and potentially fall, lightning produced can disrupt the electrical system of the aircraft so that makes the pilot lost contact with ATC, as well as heavy rains posed too can obstruct the view pilot that could potentially have an accident. For the pilot, there is no other way to escape from this cloud over the air.

Whatever happens, the pilot abstinence notify passengers

During the flight, it is possible there will be problems that will be encountered by the pilot, especially when flying at night but not least when flying in daylight. However, whatever happens whether the plane experienced engine dies, do not open the landing gear, or fuel running low, the pilot was trying not to tell passengers. Notifications feared would make passengers panic and fear that can perform unwanted actions. On this, the pilot in collaboration with the stewardess/ a to calm the passengers. Effective measures were chosen pilot was communicating with ATC to get guidance in addressing the problems faced by right. Rose thousands of feet than before, the turn direction, or make an emergency landing ATC generally be some guidelines for the pilot to flight safety.

Hopefully this information can add your insight on pilot and aviation yes 😀

Do These If You Feel Uncomfortable at Boarding Pilot School

When joining boarding pilot school, students are required to stay and spend most of their time at dormitory. They will find new friends and build new relationship. Of course, they have to adapt as well as possible so they can enjoy learning and living there. Unfortunately, there are some students who feel uncomfortable at boarding pilot school. This happens because they just have one or two friends and get difficulty in communicating and adapting with new environment. This is a big deal because in the long run, this problem will make students lose in focus and fail to follow lessons and training well. They will fail to graduate on time and deal with stressed and depressed at last.

If you are a new cadet in boarding pilot school, do you feel comfortable there? If you answer no, you have to solve this problem soon unless you want to deal with stressed and depressed. If you already try but you don’t find the right solution, consider doing the following tips:

Share your problem to your friends

Sharing to your friends is one of the best ways to reduce load in your mind. Tell them what is going on so they can help you. For instance, if you feel uncomfortable because you cannot speak English well, tell this problem, who knows that they want to teach you about speaking English well. If you get discomfort because you get difficulty in understanding materials from instructors, tell them and they might help you understand those materials. Even, if you feel uncomfortable because you cannot adapt with new environment, share them and they will help you adapt smoothly. Remember that sometime your friends also don’t have good solution. For this, you have to understand their condition because who knows that they also deal with the same problem but they are patient and rigid.

What if your friends don’t give good solutions? Understand their solutions and think effects of solutions. If you think that solutions can bring bad effects, you should not follow or do the solutions. For instance, if you are suggested to smoke when stressing out, you should not do it because it will make you get punishments and deal with any health disorders.

Try to survive

Have you ever thought about how hard your parents prepare money to make you join pilot school? How does their feeling if you disappoint them? Are you able to look your parents feel sad and even cry because of you? Therefore, try to survive althought it is difficult. Hold your emotion and try to adapt and make new relationship with new friends. If you succeed to do these, you can divert and even remove your discomfort at last. Undoubtely, this cannot be got instantly. You need to pass a long process and be patient. When you think that you should give up, think about your parents and their happiness when looking you graduate and become a pilot later. They are willing to work hard to make you have good future so why you don’t try to make them happy now.